“It’s your health, stay informed, and stay well”

Our story begins with ‘adherence’, which medical speak for sticking to the medication prescribed by your doctor. Non-Adherence results in upwards of 200,000 deaths annually within the EU, largely due to lack of patient education, and overall patient understanding of their illness.

MyHealthTime is dedicated to patient education, through the development, creation and distribution of relevant, accurate, and informative health content – over the course of the coming months we will be engaged in the creative process, building up relevant content across a range of health areas.  We ensure the accuracy of our educational material by working closely with patient support groups, such as The Irish Heart Foundation, the pharmaceutical industry, and certified doctors themselves – all our material is reviewed by our experienced team of Medical Directors. More and more, patients are ‘self-prescribing’ through the use of Dr. Google, and websites, which provide inaccurate health information – this is why we take our job seriously, and seek advise from the relevant health professionals throughout the content creation process. Remember – It’s your health, stay informed, and stay well.